Jerry Tello, M.A., Develop/Author of Joven Noble and Cara y Corazon Programs
Director, National Compadres Network
Ricardo Carrillo,
Isaac Alvarez Cardenas, M.S., Texas Regional Representative

The AIT-SCM Institute has developed an array of training and technical services that include:
-- National consultative advisors and experts in the area of Native American Indian and Latino healthy family development. This team of experts serves as trainers and advisors in strategic planning, program development, research and evaluation.

-- A clearing-house of bilingual/bicultural appropriate materials and resources that can be made available to programs and organizations locally, statewide and nationally.
-- A comprehensive Communication Center develops media campaigns that promote positive male/fatherhood involvement and reduce the incidence of family violence, school failure, poor health outcomes for Native American Indian, Chicano, and Latino children and families.
"Compadres Network" chapters locally, statewide, and throughout the nation.

The AIT-SCM Institute is also available to provide strategic planning, program development and implementation, and technical assistance in a variety of areas. Training is also available on the following curriculums:

Cara Y Corazon
(Face and Heart) A bilingual, bicultural family strengthening program.

Joven Noble
(The Noble Youth) A Chicano/ Latino, character and responsibility program. The curriculum is an interactive rites of passage, mentoring program that guides youth through their preparations into the adult world.

Hombres Jovenes Con Palabra
A male responsibility pregnancy prevention program. The curriculum is an interactive educational program addressing issues of teen pregnancy, relationship violence, community violence and positive identity development based on maintaining one's PALABRA or credible word.

Raising Children With Pride
A multi-cultural curriculum for young fatherhood development.

Healing Family Violence
El Hombre Noble Buscando Balance - The Noble Man Searching for Balance
This is a Chicano/Latino intervention process based on the indigenous, culturally rooted concepts of El Hombre Noble (The Noble Man). It offers guidance and healing for men in developing and maintaining a "sacred relation" with all their relatives.

Respetar Y Leer
A program that challenges men to stand up against domestic violence and sit down to read, play and get involved in their children's education.

Cultural Workshops
AIT- SCM conducts several cultural awareness presentations at local schools as well as colleges and universities. Trainings are conducted for local and regional school districts on culturally specific curriculum based on indigenous teachings of ancient people.

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