AIT-SCM has been providing culturally-based services to Latino and Native American Indian youth and families in the inner-city Westside of San Antonio, Texas for over 10 years. Violent crime; including gang violence, intimate partner violence, and child abuse, and crimes against victims has been of great concern in our community. Many mental health care systems and social service agencies are faced with the dilemma of treating people of color with little or no information on how to handle the cultural and ecological aspects of their communities. There is a great need in our community to provide mental health psychotherapy, counseling, and support groups for victims of violence that has a multicultural sensitivity and vision. A program that offers a process of support and education that promote a sense of awareness, belonging, and an enhanced self. The 15 week course, of character development curriculum for male and their families uses a process that includes practical elements related to culture, education, learning, identity development, male/female relationships, racism, oppression, substance abuse, domestic violence, political/community involvement, and planning for the future as a basis for manhood.

AIT-SCM’s “Healing the Wounded Spirit” Programs provide counseling and support groups to nurture and heal the wounded spirit of individuals and families needing mental wellness. Historically Native American Indians and other Indigenous native people have used the forum of the “Talking Circle” to educate, counsel, and gain wisdom, as well as to celebrate the sacred interrelationship that we all share with one another and with our world.

AIT-SCM expands beyond the traditional methods of providing counseling and support groups by sharing cultural traditions and life ways to help individuals achieve and maintain balance and harmony in their lives.

Talking Circles” and other indigenous healing strategies such as storytelling, are designed to include physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each individual as a basis for direction. The counseling is based on the utilization of the reflection process of teaching and guidance.

Individual mental health counseling and case management for individuals and identified victims of crime, abuse, and their families. Within the mental health counseling, we will address depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, post traumatic stress and other anxiety disorders, as well as other mental health issues that frequent troubled victims of crime and abuse.

Support Groups:

Weekly mental health support groups or “Talking Circles” in order to provide counseling, life skills teachings, character development, substance abuse treatment, mentoring and violence prevention for clients.

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